Dhara Shree Radha( An Ornate Poetry )

'Dhara Shree Radha' an epic written by the Poet Mangala Prasad Pradhan is a great classical work after eight hundred years of Shree Jaydev's 12th century classic Geeta Govinda. It was released on 10th November 2008 by Hon'ble Governer of Odisha Shri Mulridhar Chandrakanth Bhandare at Ravindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar amidst a colourfull three day festival, Dhara Shree Radha Mahotsav.

In those civilized evenings, the Prabandhas of the epic were sung out and danced out by a number of talented artists dominatingly inspiring the connoisseurs to recognize the work as an ornate poetry.

The real import of the epic is the transcendental alteration of Dhara jivabhara into Radha through the feelings that the only reality is Param Purush. When the jivabhava microcosmic bearing becomes pinnacled and advances towards Para Purush to the complete exclusion of all other thoughts, it is termed Radha. Each of the songs (prabhandhas) of the epic contains this essence with the mellifluous poetic grip.

Sixteen cantos of the epic being named after sixteen phases of the moon from Amrita to Purnamrita, distinguishingly proves the uniqueness of the work.

The aesthetic sweep of the epic on the readers and the audiences of the stage performances has inspired us to organize festivals on this epic Dhara Shree Radha at different places on different occasions.